The Week will be the greatest gay pub in Rio De Janeiro

The Week will be the greatest gay pub in Rio De Janeiro

Rio De Janeiro homosexual bars tend to be distributed across the entire area with the greatest quantity being around Lapa, Copacabana and Ipanema.

Typically you will start with beverages and find yourself dance by the end for the nights using the very handsome Brazilian homosexual men.

The sole distinction between places will be the place dimensions a€“ for the size queens amongst you, you will need to look at the superclub a€?The times’:

Gay Taverns Lapa

It is not titled a homosexual neighbourhood but we observed a good amount of people travelling in conjunction a€“ it experienced extremely comfortable and available.

The Few Days Gay Pub a€“ Rio De Janerio (Lapa)

The price tag getting in is just about $15 and they’ll provide a drinks card. You utilize this getting products throughout the night and then settle their bill on route out-by going for the cards back.

With it are these popular club the drinks are expensive when compared with other areas a€“ however it is popular for a very good reason!

Don’t neglect to grab ID, we feel you are able to bring a photocopy which means you do not have to has countless valuables you.

Buraco da Lacraia

This gay bar is actually for fun and never to be taken also honestly. Right here you may have a dancefloor playing a mix of pop and Brazilian musical, phase shows, karaoke (which people love) and a dark area! You shouldn’t skip the programs on Fridays.

On second-floor the hosts put on just aprons and bend links a€“ they’ll be sure to get the attention!

Anexo Lounge

This is a bar/restaurant that you desire to starting at a little earlier in nights. If you are looking for a more vibrant night right here then you certainly should go within weekend for performances.

Gay Taverns Copacabana

Once you’ve had multiple homosexual nights out in Lapa, have a look at homosexual bars in Copacabana. There is not quite as numerous but it is nonetheless well worth spending per night out here!


It is a small gay friendly nightclub in Copcabana (Fridays are a€?gayest’). It performs a real combination of sounds from chart pop to techno and house. Take a peek on the internet site ahead of time observe what night is found on.

Los Angeles Cueva

This is the eldest gay club in Rio in Copacabana. Title translates to a€?The Cave’ given their below street levels. This one promotes alone as a bear bar.

television Club

The variety drag nights and often there can be limited cover charge but products become inexpensive. Different evenings an unbarred bar is roofed within the terms therefore carry on with currently on their Facebook web page.

Gay Bars Ipanema

Although the homosexual seashore is situated in Ipanama you can find made homosexual bars here. TV pub which we point out above is regarding the side of Copacabana and Ipanema so could possibly be mentioned for both. But you will want to see:

Galeria Cafe

If you’d like a homosexual pub in Ipanama after that this is actually the one for monday evenings. There was a crowd and anticipate (all of our favorite) stereotypically homosexual pop music tunes. It is a fairly smaller pub and can become jam-packed.

Gay Coastlines, Rio De Janeiro

There have been two homosexual coastlines in Rio that you should see. Farme Gay Coastline Ipanema and Bolsa Gay Coastline Copcabana.

You can expect to easily find both just by spotting the rainbow flags proudly increased. The beaches here are really social. Someplace for beverages with family, top enhance tan, flaunt the new speedos and swinging heaven kody promocyjne satisfy new family. There are also club promoters around offering passes on functions later on than nights.

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